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Company Profile

The Company

VICCARD was established since 1991 as a regional distributor of plastic card products and equipments. Our presence in the South East Asian market addresses the needs of the ever growing and changing needs of the card industry, be it in card issuance or card production. We act as the regional source for card products to our customers. Based in Singapore, with branch office in Malaysia, Vietnam and dealership channels, customer service and technical support is within reach.

Our Mission

VICCARD is committed to providing its customers with a comprehensive range of plastic card products and equipment from a single source. Our products are of the highest quality and latest card technologies. Providing card solutions to our customers in card printing, personalization or manufacturing has made us an important partner to all card issuers and card manufacturers around our region.

Wide Product Coverage

Our business consists of business groups to cover every areas in the plastic cards industry:

* Card printing and bureau services for complete card issuance solutions
* Card personalization systems for card issuance in thermal printing or embossing technologies
* Card manufacturing machines for plastic cards, smart cards, contact-less cards etc
* Card materials and consumables required for card production

Assured Customer Service and Support

Our experience in the card industry ensures that you can leverage on our experience for continuing service. Our in-house technical department trained in the card industry ensures competent technical support.

We know the card business. We are here for you.
Call us for card solutions.