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Model ADR F350 Friction Feed Sheet Counter

F350 COUNTER is the new friction feeder and sheets counter with OCS technology (opposing cantilever shafts) to count products such as labels, envelopes, credit cards, tickets, brochures and many others. "F350 COUNTER SC" is programmable for feeding, counting and batching and has been realized in the B.MATIC tradition as a solid and reliable machine for industrial use. It can be used as a friction sheets counter or as a friction feeder for single or multiple sheets on external pulse.

F350 COUNTER can be used as a stand-alone machine for counting and batching or as a friction feeder for packaging lines activated by external impulse. It is a feeder, counter, batch counter.

Friction feeding / counting flat products such as:
- Envelopes
- Plastic And Credit Cards
- Participations, Tickets
- Labels
- Brochures
- Security Products Such As Scratch Cards, Lottery Etc.

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